LHS goes pink at pep rally

The LHS cheerleaders were among the various performers decked out in pink.

Jamie Vaughan

The LHS cheerleaders were among the various performers decked out in pink.

Jamie Vaughan, Staff Writer

On Oct. 23 Liberty had its annual Pink Out pep rally in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Pink Out pep rally takes place prior to the Pink Out game, and students and teachers wear pink in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. Student Council sells items such as shirts, bracelets and pink eye-pink strips that students can apply underneath their eyes. The money raised is then donated to a faculty member who is or who has a family member with breast cancer, or the proceeds are donated to a breast cancer research facility.

Led by StuCo seniors Morgan Bennett and Udgam Goyal, many different Liberty groups performed at the pep rally: Step Team, Red Rhythm, LHS band and the LHS cheerleaders all showcased their latest routines. This was one of the first major pep rallies that the Step Team has performed at, and many members were excited that it went just as planned.

“I think that we did really good in the pep rally,” Step Team captain Roxy Rinaldi said. “I think that we worked really well together, and it was really fun.”

This year, the Liberty campus raised $2,914 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides support for the people and families that have been impacted by breast cancer. The program also provides information about the early detection of cancer, how to cope with the shock of developing cancer and the steps a patient must take in order to help prevent the spread of cancer.

The Pink Out pep rally and Breast Cancer Awareness Month aim to help people who have been affected by the disease by providing support and information to those who need it. Liberty will continue to support the fight against breast cancer by having these pep rallies annually.