Featured Athlete: Scott McCord


Provided by Scott McCord

Wingspan’s Featured Athlete for 2/17 is golfer, junior Scott McCord.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

Wingspan: Why did you start playing golf?

McCord: “I started playing golf because I used to play basketball and it just really wasn’t the same so my parents suggested golf because I’m better at sports that I can just take my time in. I found golf and I grew to love it.”

Wingspan: When did you start playing?

McCord: “I started playing in March of my 8th-grade year.”

Wingspan: Have you always just done school golf or have you played outside of school in tournaments?

McCord: “I have played outside of school. In the summer there are tournaments you can do. you just go to register, show up and play your eighteen-holes and go home.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite part about golf?

McCord: “I like the feeling of getting that last hole after completing the eighteen holes and the feeling of accomplishment. Just doing it and seeing my score posted up and if it’s good.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite part of specifically being on the liberty team?

McCord: “The friend that I’ve met and gotten to know. Even though we’re a small team I’ve made some good friends.”

Wingspan: What are your goals moving forward in golf?

McCord: “My goals are just to finish out this season strong.”

Wingspan: What has golf taught you?

McCord: “Definitely, dedication because golf is one of those sports where every day is different. You could be playing the best run of your life one day and then the next day you are hitting a shot into the woods, almost every shot. Some days you just won’t have a good day but you have to remember the good days to make sure you have consistent good days to make it all worth it.”