Orchestra persists despite delay in UIL performance


Faith Brocke

Orchestra students stand in the room getting ready to rehearse during 3rd period Wednesday. Students and directors hold mixed feelings about having a rehearsal extension on their UIL performance.

Sarayu Bongale, Guest Contributor

Due to weather conditions and the cancellation of school, orchestra’s UIL contest has been moved to Thursday.

“There was no other option,” assistant orchestra director Madison Waggerman said. “Moving UIL gave students the opportunity to still perform their program they worked hard for.”

Orchestra students such as sophomore Luit Deka find UIL being moved to a later date beneficial.

“It was annoying at the beginning because I wanted to get over with it because we worked so hard,” Deka said. “But with spring break in between, I got more time to practice and to prepare which increases our chance of getting a perfect score.”

However, students such as freshman Cindy Trinh believe UIL being moved stopped orchestra’s rhythm.

“At the original date we were preparing really hard and we were kind of in the rhythm and we were ready to go,” Trinh said. “But now, with UIL being moved, we have lost the passion to play music, we just want to get over it.”

Even with the delay of UIL, it has been business as usual for orchestra students.

“This isn’t ideal,” Waggerman said. “We will continue to do the same things as normal which will be a lot of practicing and rehearsing.”