Theater students bring Halloween to life

LHS theater students went to various efforts to promote the wound clinic for Halloween.

Jamie Vaughan

LHS theater students went to various efforts to promote the wound clinic for Halloween.

Jamie Vaughan, Staff Writer

The Liberty theater department once again celebrated the fall holiday spirit by opening the wound clinic for Halloween.

The wound clinic has taken place annually at LHS for the past four years. Theater students apply special-effect make-up to Liberty students in order to raise money for a variety of programs on campus.

“We put the money earned towards the theater department, as well as the canned food drive,” theater teacher Stephanie Winters said. “We also put some of that money aside for the angels for Student Council.”

The types of special-effect make-up ranges from scratches and scars to bullet wounds and even full zombie make up. Depending on what special effect you decide to get, the cost can range from $1 to $5. And, with the low prices, many theater students saw this not only as an opportunity to raise money but as way to show off their skills, as well.

“I like the wound clinic, because it’s really good experience for us in the theater department, especially for tech,” sophomore Tyler Cheatman said. “You can figure out how to do wounds and how to better your skills in the make up area of theater.”

The wound clinic was located in the rotunda before school and in the cafeteria during all of the lunch periods on Friday, Oct. 31. Because this is a reoccurring event, many people have grown fond of the staff and students who put so much work and effort into making the wound clinic come to life.

“I love the wound clinic,” Winters said. “It gives the theater kids a chance to practice special effects make up—it’s a great way for them to get out there and do it. It gives a chance for the students at Liberty to see the skills that they have, and we always have a great time doing it.”