Softball stands strong


Courtesy of Redhawk Softball

During spring break, the softball played two games. Springing back, the Redhawks won against the Centennial Titans, 16-1, and the Independence Knights, 14-2.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

After losing to Heritage on Friday in District 9-5A, the Redhawk softball team is looking to bounce back as they travel to play Frisco Tuesday. 

“I think the Frisco game is gonna be good for us,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “I believe that we are gonna come out strong. We have been working really hard defensively so hopefully that shows.”

Having lost earlier in the season to Frisco, freshman Maddison Terry believes the Redhawks have improved greatly.

“I feel that we have improved a lot since the last time we played them,” she said. “So I’m hoping that this game can go very smoothly, and we can learn and adjust to their pitcher very quickly. And also can get hits and runs on the board.”

But in order to get the win, the Redhawks will have to start off the game strong.

“I think our biggest challenge is getting hits quickly and just adjusting to the pitcher quickly,” Terry said. “So we’re gonna try and do our best to connect hits early rather than get our bats started later in the game.”