Facets of Faith: Percy Jackson is coming to the small screen


Hanl Brown

Staff reporter Faith Brocke expresses her emotions and experiences in her column, Facets of Faith.

Faith Brocke, Staff Reporter

It’s finally happened: casting for the live action Percy Jackson and The Olympians series has taken place.

The book series that altered the course of most middle and elementary schoolers’ lives is finally being adapted, and after a year and some change, fans are seemingly gaining new information about the rising Disney+ show every week.

As of Monday, the official casting for the namesake of the show has been announced, Walker Scobell will be stepping into the shoes of the beloved character, and fans (myself included) are beyond excited.

The excitement doesn’t dwindle with each passing day, as new information about the actor comes forth with rapid succession—from his ability to do his own stunts and flips, incredible talent at memorizing scripts, skateboarding expertise to his charming, sarcastic personality, Walker has amassed a fandom of his own by embodying the perfect Percy.

The accuracy and dedication invested in the casting process has garnered palpable hope among readers. Consequently, anticipation for the rest of the cast is high.

With such a fresh take on the personifications of these characters, and Rick Riordan stating that he’s a bit less focused on the appearances of these actors, the possibility for actors of color to snag roles as characters that were traditionally seen as white, such as Annabeth and Grover, are heightened.

Many fans have not only stated that they are in support of having a more diverse cast for this project, but also begun to speculate who could be cast, with several girls of color in the running.

This could be huge for audience members who seek representation in media, and can relate to being displayed in the show. Young kids would be able to relate and idolize Annabeth, seeing as she is strong, competent, intelligent and a respected demigod/savior of the world.

As a past reader who had an overwhelming obsession with Annabeth, it would be amazing to see a black girl portray one of my biggest inspirations and favorite characters of all time. 

I carry a little bit of that palpable hope in my pocket, buzzing with excitement over the mere possibility of representation for any person of color in such a big project.