Redhawks look to fly high


Addy Schick

After a 14-0 loss, the Redhawks are looking to soar high on Tuesday. Sitting at number 10 in the district, the team is looking up for the future.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

The Redhawks softball team is hoping to redeem themselves Tuesday when they welcome Reedy High School to The Nest after losing to Wakeland 14-0 on Thursday. 

“We played Wakeland, obviously, the results were not in our favor but overall I feel defensively we played a really good game,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “We kept our errors to a minimum, I think we had 2 errors all game. We made a lot of plays out in the outfield.”

Beyond looking for redemption on Tuesday, the game is also a special night for the Redhawk seniors.

“I’m pretty confident we have all our seniors starting tonight, so you know some of our strongest players in their best position,” senior Maegan Shannon said. “It’s really exciting, a really fun time, and fun to be with all my teammates.”

With the end of the season coming near, coach Bradshaw hopes the girls have fun in their last few games.

“So I hope that the girls come out and kind of perform well,” She said. “I want the kids to have fun. We only have 2 games left this season so just come out compete and battle.”