Physics students create their own projects


Vaughn Perez

The end of the year looks a little different this year with Thursday and Friday being half days.

Emma Zubov, Guest Contributor

Physics students are spending the last weeks of school working on an end-of-the-year project of their choosing, including creating some for Family Science Night on May 18.

“I really enjoy the end of year projects for students because it lets the students explore, at greater depths, a topic they have found interesting throughout this entire year,” physics teacher Jill Bradshaw said. “I believe that it is a great opportunity for students to show their knowledge in a fun and creative way.”

The student choice assignment gives students the chance to end the year by showcasing what they have learned and what interests them.

“I am looking forward to hopefully deciding what I want to do in regards to physics that I find interesting, and act on that interest,” junior Sydney Patrick said. “I think that this project is the perfect way to end the year, it will tie everything we learned and allow us to either try something new for ourselves or go more in depth on something we like.”

The end of the year project allows students to work together as a group over something that they might find interesting.

“I do think that the project is good for the curriculum because we will have the opportunity to explore something further that we found interesting earlier in the year,” junior Kanen Braden said. “I think it will give students a chance to work with each other on something that interests them in the class, which could be a fun way to collaborate.”