Powerlifting team now district wide


Michael Martin

Previously a sport delegated to each individual school, with so few participants, the district has decided to merge Frisco ISD’s powerlifting teams into one. This will allow the participants the opportunity to compete at a higher level with more recognition.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Things will be a bit different for Redhawks powerlifting in 2022-2023 as it will  no longer be a campus-based sport. Instead, it will be a district-wide sport, which will take place in the mornings before school starts at a singular campus for all powerlifters across Frisco ISD schools. 

“Powerlifting is not a UIL sport,” campus athletic coordinator Matt Swinnea said. “So it’s the only sport that we have on campus that’s not tied to the UIL. And so much like other clubs, sports, like whether it’s lacrosse or hockey, or things like that, that’s ultimately why we’re moving, is so that campus-based sports would be strictly the UIL sports.”

The end of powerlifting as a campus based sport is bittersweet for coach Brian Chandler.

“Well in one way it’s kinda sad because we won’t have the school team, and everybody likes to have a team,” Chandler said. “So we can get school spirit and school pride going and compete as Liberty Redhawks, but at the same time, it beats the alternative of not having powerlifting at all. So now the kids will get to be on a Frisco ISD team and create some pride on that team.”

However, the plan for it to be based at a different site and time poses a challenge to some of the athletes in the program. 

“You’re gonna have to drive there yourself and drive back,” freshman Bea Dunlop said. “I’m still thinking about doing it again next year, because of having to drive to a different place every day. I don’t think I will, because it’s so  inconvenient and stuff. But I want to do it, it’s just a lot of work.”

According to Chandler, details are still being worked out. 

“Not a lot has not been determined yet,” Chandler said. “They’re still working things out and exactly who’s gonna do what. I might continue in the program, but I don’t know yet. Hopefully, all those things will get taken care of this summer.”