Potential fines for those who have lost or damaged library books


Maya Silberman

With the year coming to a close, for those who did not return their library books, lost or damaged books, may face possibly fines from the library.

Robyn Burke, Guest Contributor

The deadline for turning in library books has passed with students who have not turned in lost or damaged books facing a potential fine. 

“As an FISD  policy, we do not have late fees, so the only time you ever have to pay for a book is if you lose it or if you damage it,” librarian Chelsea Hamilton said. 

Those with overdue book notices should have received a slip with the books they need to return and the amount due if the book cannot be returned. If you didn’t receive this slip or need any other help, it can be taken care of by visiting Hamilton in the library by the end of next week.

“You can email me and let me know if you’ve lost your book, you can stop by the library,” Hamilton said. “I have a QR code on my computer that sends you directly to the payment link.”