Campus refresh leads to practice reset


Sarah Boutouis

Pictured: Redhawk band students practice new show routine in parking lot during a previous summer. Due to school renovations, band students will be spending majority of practice time at Vandeventer Middle School.

Vibha Immedisetty, Guest Contributor

Due to the campus refresh, band students will not be able to return back to the school for the majority of the summer like in previous years. Due to this, music camps will be hosted at Vandeventer middle school.

 For incoming freshman Sydnee Fry, there is something charming about the sudden venue change.

“I find that it’s really funny that my first ever high school music rehearsal will be at the middle school I went to,” Fry said. “It’s kind of symbolizing a goodbye for me, as that will probably be the last time I will ever rehearse for a band at Vandeventer, and I will definitely miss it.”

For other students, this music camp will be a trip back in time. For incoming senior Jay Youn, a venue is a place of many memories.

“When I initially joined the district the first school I went to was Vandeventer, so this will definitely bring back memories for me,” Youn said. “I have been in band ever since, so this is kind of indicative of my journey as a saxophone player.”

However, some students don’t see much in the switch of venues. For sophomore Haasini Busireddy, the experience will be more tiring than nostalgic.

“I love how a lot of other members get to see their old campus, however, the school is very small and I’m concerned that it might be a tight fit for how large our band is,” Busireddy said. “I hope the air conditioning is ok, and that we can return to Liberty for summer camps so we can see the campus refresh.”