Band students learn music and life skills with sectionals


Michael Martin

Band students across Frisco ISD have begun All-Region master classes. The mandatory classes give students specialized instruction with professional musicians. Not only do students grow musically, but the classes help students develop important life skills.

Zachary Moland, Guest Contributor

Just in time for the first marching band competition on Sep. 24, band students on campus and across Frisco ISD middle and high schools recently began All-Region master classes, also known as sectionals.

The mandatory classes are taught in instrument-specific groups by professional musicians during regular band classes and will continue weekly until winter break in preparation for area All-Region auditions in January.

“The purpose of master classes is to give students more individualized attention to their regional music, while also offering a new perspective from a master musician with specific expertise,” assistant band director Cecily Yoakam said.

It is this more individualized approach that many students, both new and returning, find appealing. 

“Having lessons for only the trombones allows the instructor to focus on what specifically the trombones need to work on,” freshman trombone player Adelaide O’Hara said.

Classes also help participants to develop and refine important life skills such as grit and perseverance.

“The classes have inspired me to play at a higher level and get into something that is hard in life,” sophomore baritone player Suraj Selvaraju said.

Selvaraju encourages all new band students to give master classes their all so they can start playing at a higher level.

“Practicing something way different than marching band really contributes to making you a better player,” Selvaraju said

The ultimate goal of the band directors in introducing master classes is to grow students musically.

“We would love to see a product of master classes be an increased number of All-Region, Area, and All-State musicians,” Yoakam said. “But more than anything we want to provide students with an opportunity to learn and grow throughout the entire experience.”