Students advised to use HAC rather than third party apps


Maya Silberman

All senior grades are due Monday by 4 p.m. For juniors, sophomores and freshmen, grades are due May 16.

Alexis Holding, WTV Staff Reporter

As students start settling back into their school routine, several have been finding apps to keep themselves organized. But some of these apps aren’t the most helpful when it comes to having accurate representation of the student’s reports. 

Many apps like Gradeway and Gradepal aren’t able to communicate information in a way HAC does.  

“So HAC syncs with our system daily, and so it makes sure that you have the most correct information and the updated information that we have in our system,” digital learning coach Nicole Lotz said. “Using the third party app does not always sync with our system, so changes may not always be accurate”.

The reason the school wants people to use HAC is because it is personalized to Liberty’s campus. Additionally, third party apps may not be what they seem. 

“Some of the features you have to pay for, and it seems like they offer it to you, but they don’t,” freshman Collier Guest said. “And when you click on it, it just brings you to a page to buy it.”

In addition to not being able to access accurate grades, other third party apps may not be compatible with the schedule and grading system used on campus, including the accuracy of the student’s GPA.                         

“So HAC will give you the most updated information that we have,” Lotz said. “You can use it to check your GPA as you get closer to those important checkpoints of your GPA, so that way you can make sure you are having the most up to date information for your GPA. Third party apps don’t always sync with what we are putting the information in.”

Students are asked to use HAC so they can be assured the most accurate and reliable information regarding their grades.