Videogame Volumes: PS5’s exclusiveness and lackluster sales


Vaughn Perez

In this weekly column, staff reporter Vaughn Perez writes about the gaming and esports community.

Vaughn Perez, Staff Reporter

The PS5, an incredibly popular gaming system that is deemed the next generation for consoles, was released almost two years ago, but only a handful of people have their hands on it.

First projected to sell between 12-20 million units in the first quarter of 2021 on its release, Sony has only just hit that mark during the third quarter of 2022. 

So why has Sony only now reached their initial prediction a year later? The obvious answer being the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. But taking a step further, it’s COVID-19’s impact on the global chip manufacturing industry that’s affected these electronics.

Throughout the last two years, there has been an extremely high demand for these chips because of more electric cars being produced, the constant development of handheld devices, and these higher end electronics. The supply however can’t keep up because China, the number one manufacturer, has been going through strict lockdowns, slowing production and exporting. 

Now looking to the future, Sony and its consumers are hopeful that availability will pick up in this final quarter of 2022 and for 2023. With China’s rigorous lockdown procedures slowly lifting, computer chip manufacturing should kick back up and we should see PS5s make their way back onto shelves more consistently.

Now what’s going to help you get one with how scarce they are? The best way is through these membership systems. Memberships like Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus, TotalTech for Best Buy, PowerUp Rewards Pro for GameStop will allow you to get a headstart when the PS5 gets restocked. The downside is that all the programs cost extra and some are pretty pricey reaching up to $200. 

Now I can’t give too much of a personal opinion on these programs because I’ve never used any of these to specifically buy a PS5 and I don’t know the guarantee it offers. However, I will say that the PS5 is an amazing console and truly is the next generation so if you are already part of one of these programs, why not test your luck.