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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are very beneficial to one’s mind and body. They remove dust and pollen from the air, which greatly reduces asthma symptoms. The negative ions that are generated by Himalayan salt lamps increase energy levels just as spending time in nature does. The negative ions that are released by Himalayan Salt Lamps also can improve sleep patterns by canceling out the positively-charged particles that can decrease blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

However, the benefits of these special lamps go beyond improving sleep patterns. They are also environmentally friendly and very aesthetically pleasing. They can add an element of beauty and help create a mindful space.

In order to make sure your salt lamp is real, try to look for these things. Genuine salt lamps are not glossy, and their glow is soft and muted. Most lamps are also mined from the Kewhra salt mine, so check your label to see where the lamp was made.

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