Leadership opportunities await the class of 2024


Minuki Medis

Leadership opportunities are available for juniors through the counseling office. To be considered, students must fill out a form by Oct. 14.

Christine Han, Staff Reporter

One of the biggest qualities sought after by colleges is leadership, and now the Redhawk class of 2024 is being given the opportunity to participate in various leadership camps. Students interested are required to submit an application to the counseling department by Oct. 14.

These camps include Texas Boys State, Texas Girls State, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, The Military Order of the World Wars, and CoServ Youth Leadership Tour

They are all nationally known leadership camps with long histories,” counselor Ryan Kiefer said. “Students will learn leadership skills and make connections with other young leaders from across the state. Each entity has its own unique program and qualifications for selection.”

Senior Andrew Juaregui spent part of the summer at Texas Boys State, one that matched up with his interests. 

“Students gather at UT for a week in order to participate in a mock government,” Juaregui said. “This teaches everyone really how to participate in local and even state bodies of government. My experience was fascinating because of my background from the newspaper, which Boys State also had a press corp.” 

After completing the form sent out by the counseling department students will be notified through another email if they are nominated.

“Students deserve to know about leadership opportunities and what activities to participate in,” Junior Mali Karaprukar said. “Some students are just overwhelmed with school itself so receiving help from the counselors on what’s out there is really great.”