Featured Athlete: Takumi Harima


Provided by Takumi Harima

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 10/20 is varsity cross country runner senior Takumi Harima.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

Wingspan: “When did you start running competitively?”

Harima:  “I started running cross country and track in sixth grade back in Japan.”

Wingspan: “Why did you start running cross country?”

Harima:  “I started running cross country because I’ve always loved running, racing in fun runs since I was small. I was torn between soccer and cross country in sixth grade, but I took a leap of faith and chose cross country.”

Wingspan: “Who is your biggest inspiration?”

Harima:  “My biggest inspiration has been coach [Ben] Manning, because even though he didn’t start as a cross country coach, he has poured his heart and soul into the program even throughout his hardships with his family.”

Wingspan: “What is your favorite part about cross country?”

Harima:  “My favorite part is the group hang outs after meets and team bonding activities.”

Wingspan: “What is the most difficult part about cross country?”

Harima:  “I think that the hardest part of cross country is being mentally focused during workouts, races, and even just in everyday life, by making the right choices.”

Wingspan: “What has been your favorite cross country memory?”

Harima:  “My favorite cross country memory is probably clean sweeping the district this past Thursday [Oct. 13].”