Volleyball heads into second round of playoffs


Natalie Catherine Photography

With a shot at the title of Area Champions, the Redhawk volleyball team heads to R.L. Turner High School to face Hillcrest in the second round of playoffs. The team feels confident in their abilities to win, and is looking to advance further in playoffs.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

The volleyball team’s playoff run continues when they battle for the Area Championship as they face Hillcrest Friday at 7:00 p.m. at R.L. Turner High School

“I am expecting a successful night for our team, I think we will have some really good moments,” head coach Eighmy Dobbins said. “We are going to focus on playing clean, focused, and relaxed. We want to be really intentional about our side of the net tonight.”

The team feels confident that they will secure a win, and are looking towards Tuesday’s game.

“I expect we are going to win pretty easily and we are just going to really work hard and stay focused even against a weaker team,” senior McKenna Gildon. “That way we can start preparing for what is next to come on Tuesday.”