Swim aims to cut times against the Panthers


provided by Mallory Showalter

The Redhawk swim and dive team battle against the Panthers when they face Panther Creek High School. They are aiming to qualify for the TISCA Invitational, and the team feels prepared.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

Facing off against Panther Creek in the pool on Thursday, the Redhawk swim and dive team hopes to cut times in order to qualify for the TISCA Invitational.

“The importance of this meet is that it is the last chance the swimmers can qualify for the TISCA Invitational held early December,” head coach Zachariah Gnoza said. “Each event has a certain time standard the swimmers must meet or exceed in order to qualify.”

For freshman Zoe Schneider the importance of this meet is stressful.

“I only have one event I don’t qualify for at TISCA, so I’ve been working to make sure I can get the time cut I need to be able to swim it at the meet,” Schneider said. “It does make me nervous knowing it’s my last chance to get it, and I think the whole team has been stressing about this meet.”

With Panther Creek in its first season, coach Gnoza believes this is a great opportunity to swim against a new group.

“It allows us to see some different competition we are not used to,” Gnoza said. “It is also a fun meet, and there is even a spirit award. I just hope the kids have a fun time against some new competition and achieve their TISCA cuts, as well as cheer each other on.”