Thriving over break, boys’ basketball wins four


Alyssa Murphy

It was anything but a break for the boys’ basketball team over Thanksgiving as the team beat Naaman Forest 70-51, and then won three of four games in the Lone Star Shootout.

Vaughn Perez, Staff Reporter

Boys’ basketball had a busy start to Thanksgiving break, with the Redhawks winning a non-district contest against Naaman Forest 70-51, and then winning three of four games in the Lone Star Shootout.

“We played well against Naaman Forest, especially defensively,I thought the team showed the effort that they were originally lacking in our first game,” head coach Stephen Friar said. “We took a lot of good shots, and the performance from our guys in this game definitely influenced how we played in the shootout.”

Senior Matthew Bishop believes the team succeeded in these games through disciplined team play and sound decision-making.

“As a team we really made sure that we controlled every game, we took good shots and really tried to control the tempo,” Bishop said. “We’re a team that likes to get out and run fast, but we were disciplined to make sure we got defensive stops, which helped set the tone for the rest of the game.”

The team is only a few games into the season, but Friar believes that the team is finding its identity as a team.

“Every season is different, even though we got a lot of guys returning to the team, the culture and synergy will be something for the guys to find,” Friar said. “It’s beneficial to be playing these early season tournaments and shootouts, they’ll get to find their stride and identity as a team before districts come.”