Girls’ basketball rings in the new year


Manal Nasir

The girls’ basketball team is ringing in the new year with success, winning three district games over break and going 2-2 in the Sandra Meadows Classic. The team is using the games over break as preparation for their upcoming competition ahead.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

Ringing in the new year with success, the girls’ basketball team went 3-0 in District 10-5A play, and 2-2 in the Sandra Meadows Classic over winter break.

“We had a solid break,” head coach Ross Reedy said. “We played a tournament, the Sandra Meadows Classic, out in Duncanville and even though our record was 2-2, we got the chance to see some good competition in different looks and play a lot of our personnel. And so it was a good experience for us and then of course we played three district games and we performed pretty well in each so I think we are showing positive results and some good direction forward coming back from break.”

Freshman Lilian Johnson is using the games over break as preparation for upcoming competition.

“We won all of the district games,” Johnson said. “We are using our wins and losses to work on future games and learn from what we need to improve. It was good to continue having games over break to keep us sharp.”