Redhawks prepare to face Coyotes


Courtesy of Redhawk Softball

During spring break, the softball played two games. Springing back, the Redhawks won against the Centennial Titans, 16-1, and the Independence Knights, 14-2.

Zachary Moland, Sports Reporter

After a mostly successful tournament March 2-3, the softball team will face the Heritage Coyotes at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at The Nest in the first of two games between the cross-town rivals this season. 

“The upcoming game against Heritage will be some great competition,” head coach Baylea Higgs said. “They are a good squad and we are looking forward to battling it out Tuesday night.”

Tuesday’s game against Heritage is just the second game of District 10-5 play with the Redhawks currently sitting at 0-1. 

“I am a little worried because they definitely have a strong team and a very good pitcher,” sophomore Delila Bond said. “But I think if we go in with the right mindset it will be a good game.”