12 Hour band rehearsals

Kennedy Williams

Kennedy Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

bTeams such as volleyball and football have been practicing for weeks, but the band program takes the time commitment to a new level. 

“We have to abide by what’s called the UIL eight hour limit or the eight hour rule in that when school starts we’re only able to rehearse for eight hours in a week,” assistant band director Zach Anderson said. “So from August 1st to the time that school starts, we can utilize that time in any way that we want. In doing those 12 hour rehearsals we’re basically able to get ahead of the game so that way we don’t feel behind whenever that eight hour rule starts.”

Aside from the benefits from the perspective of the directors, the twelve hour rehearsals do create mixed opinions from students.

“Sometimes they’re okay because we have music blocks inside so it’s not really hot, but I think (since) we have so much time it really improves our marching so it’s really good for us,” sophomore Olivia Goodman said. 

These rehearsals will help ensure that the band, like other programs, performs at their highest potential during the year.

“This year we are creating the best versions of ourselves through this production and the band program hopes to become the best that it’s ever been through the dedication to this field show,” Anderson said. “We’re really looking forward to fielding the awakening.”