Seniors bring Melon Wear to fruition

Kennedy Williams

Kennedy Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

Seniors Summer Tribble, Pranav Subramanian and Atharva Sinha launched Melon Wear, a contemporary online clothing store and a business that came into fruition months ago.

“We started Melon Wear originally as a joke,” Tribble said. “One of our friends just joked about it and said ‘what if you guys made a clothing company’ and we didn’t really take it seriously. But then as we thought more about it we were like ‘Hey we could actually do this’ and help a lot of people and be successful. So as time went on we started finding out different charities we wanted to give to, we started thinking up designs, and suddenly we just had the company together.”

Melon Wear currently houses a variety of clothing options that can be described as fashionable yet affordable. However, the company does not plan on keeping profits.

“Fifty percent of our profits are going to go towards helping the company itself grow,” Subramanian said. However the other fifty percent is going to organizations such as wildlife preservation, mental health–all of the things that our generation struggles with to make sure the next generation is not going to have to deal with those problems.”

For those who would like to buy melon wear products, there are important things to consider when making your purchase.

“All of our clothing no matter when people buy is going to be shipped out on September 16th,” Sinha said. “That is how we run our shipping and our company so that we can maximize the profits that we make so we can give back more to charities instead of spending money to invest on inventory, which would result in us not being able to give back as much as we would like.”

If you would there are several ways to get started.

“Really anything that helps spread awareness like following us on Twitter, telling your friends about it, wearing our clothing to promote it–that kind of thing because we’re a startup and what we need more than anything right now is awareness,” Subramanian said. “We’re also launching a discount for all of the Liberty students so just put in the coupon code box: LIBERTYHS and you’ll get 10% off on one shirt. We’re also going to be running various modeling contests (and) t-shirt design contests throughout this period, and if you want to submit anything for that just follow us on any of our social media and we will link you to all of the stuff that you need.”