Say it Louder: all lives matter

Opinion editor Emma Crampton shares her thoughts on various topics in her weekly column.

Christi Lazutkin

Opinion editor Emma Crampton shares her thoughts on various topics in her weekly column.

Emma Crampton, Opinion Editor

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Racial inequality is an issue no matter where you are with this week’s events in Tulsa and Charlotte continuing to keep the topic in the forefront. A lot of people may think that since we live in Frisco those issues are not necessarily a problem here. However, it still remains a big problem in our society, especially now.

Anybody who knows me or just takes a look at my picture knows that I am white. I know that I can not relate to any of these racial problems, but it still kills me inside to watch them happen around me. Many people believe that when the term “black lives matter” is used, they are saying that no other lives matter besides black ones. That is not the case.

Think of it like this. There are many pots of flowers, only one of which that needs to be watered. Would you water all of the flowers even though only one needs to be watered? That’s kind of how I view the black lives matter movement. It is not expressing that only black lives matter, it is simply just trying to give attention to something that needs it.

There is a difference between equality and justice. What we need in America is justice and if that means giving more thought toward one race than any other then that is what we need to do. There is no need for other races to be offended by the fact that one race is getting more attention. That is happening for a reason and a valid one at that.

Black Lives Matter is a movement to draw attention to the racial inequalities that are happening in America. Those inequalities are toward black people and they need to be acknowledged.