Say it Louder: Chaotic end of marking period causes unnecessary stress

Opinion editor Emma Crampton shares her thoughts on various topics in her weekly column.

Christi Lazutkin

Opinion editor Emma Crampton shares her thoughts on various topics in her weekly column.

Emma Crampton, Opinion Editor

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The end of this week marks the end of the first marking period of the 2016-17 school year. For most students, this means absolute craziness. Tests, quizzes, projects, etc. are getting thrown out in every class. While every teacher knows we have other classes, they seem to forget this at the end of each grading period and act as if their class is the only class we take.

I personally have 6 tests and 3 quizzes this week. I can only go to so many tutorials and spend so much time studying for each class. Even if I do study for all six tests and all three quizzes, with the time given I will not be able to get into much detail and study the topics to their fullest extent.

Teachers should meet with teachers of other subjects and plan their unit tests accordingly. It is a bit unrealistic for every single core subject plus more classes to assign their tests in the same week. It is very overwhelming knowing that you have to study for many tests as well as complete homework from those classes still.

Plus, if a student scores below an 85, they have the option to retake. Some classes offer multiple different options for a retake date which is very appreciated. Others, on the other hand, are only offered on one day and if you can’t make that day you can’t retake the test. The problem with that is multiple subjects often choose the same day that the retest has to be on.

So, in my case, let’s say I want to retake 3 of the 6 tests I have this week and they all have to be on Thursday. I could do one before school and one after, but what about the last one?

Worry piles on now more than ever in every marking period. In my opinion, the last week of the marking period is always the most stressful and should be a bit more spread out.