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Amelia Jauregui

Posing for a photoshoot with her friend Amelia Jauregui, junior Lauren Head has been working on her own photography skills for the past year outside of school as a hobby.

Lauren Head

Name: Lauren Head
Grade: 11
Future college: University of Oxford
Future Job: Art curator
Years as a photographer: 1

Inspiration: Candice Ghai

Wingspan: When and why did you start getting interested in photography?


Head: “I think it was more of a challenge for me, I decided over the summer last year that I was never going to use auto on a camera ever again. It was just kind of an ambitious goal. I wanted to learn how to use a camera, how to be good at lighting and angles. I just thought it would be a fun hobby to have.”


Wingspan: What is it like to balance school, theater and your photography?


Head: “It’s a lot, but it’s also stuff I enjoy doing. I try to make time for it because I like to stay accountable for working and doing my craft.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on studying photography in college?


Head: “Probably not, but I’m definitely going to keep it as a hobby.”

Wingspan: What does photography mean to you?


Head: “I think it’s a really good way to capture a person’s true beauty and authenticity in a way that lasts forever. It’s also really cool because I can always look back at the photos I’ve taken and be able to remember an amazing moment in time for me.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite photograph you’ve taken?


Head: “It was a shoot I did a couple weeks ago with Maya Coch, it was just a gorgeous backdrop and she’s beautiful.”


Wingspan: What’s the biggest challenge about being a young photographer?


Head: “I think there are so many people who a trying to do it now that that it’s hard to find clients and people who really want to work with you especially before you start to get really good and noticed. It’s harder to really think of it as a photographer when your young.”


Wingspan: What inspires all your photos?


Head: “A huge inspiration for me is a Vogue and Vogue Italia photographer named Candice Ghai- her work is so creative and beautifully laid out that it inspires me to find the beauty in things that may not be known for their beauty. Also, every person I work with inspires me so much. Because I like to try my best to capture each model’s authenticity in my photography, all of my pictures are inspired by their genuine and unique personalities.”


Wingspan: How has it affected your life?


Head: “Photography has really given me a goal to work up to and shown me that I really can do anything I set my mind to if I’m willing to put in the work.”


Wingspan: You have a page on Instagram showcasing all your work, how has that furthered you along?


Head: “My page on Instagram was really a way to keep myself incentivized to take pictures when I was first getting into photography, but even today it keeps me accountable for continuing to post and my craft.”

Wingspan: What is your advice to anyone who wants to get into photography?


Head: “I think the best way to get into photography and to really get good is to immerse yourself in the art of photography and challenge yourself to never stop learning and improving. If you settle for being mediocre at photography, you might get bored or frustrated that your pictures aren’t improving, but if you keep working and trying to improve your skills, you’ll be able to see yourself progress so fast.”

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