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  • Redhawks UIL Science takes 1st place as a team at state
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The student news site of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas


The student news site of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas


The student news site of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas



Established in 2006, Liberty High School (grades 9-12) is the fourth high school opened by the Frisco Independent School District. For the 2023-2024 school year, the school has an enrollment of 1,752 with a staff of administrators, teachers and support of 191.

In its 8th year, was launched in August 2015 and is currently a member of the National Scholastic Press AssociationColumbia Scholastic Press Association and the Interscholastic League Press Conference.

Liberty High School | 15250 Rolater Road | Frisco, TX 75035
Phone: 469-633-5800      Fax: 469-633-5850          Email:
Wingspan Staff Email:
Principal:    Stacey Whaling,
Adviser:    Brian Higgins,                         
School Hours:    9 a.m. to 4:25 p.m.

Mission Statement

Wingspan, an online publication produced by students at Liberty High School, was created to be a reliable news source for the student body, community, and general public. News is reported through a variety of mediums to provide timely updates without bias.

Submit to Wingspan

Wingspan encourages its audience to submit story ideas, letters to the editors, or original content. To do this, visit Wingspan’s Submit a Letter page. All content submitted for publication will undergo the same editing process as staff members.

Publication Policies

Opinion Article Policy

As a news-oriented publication, Wingspan tries to maintain an unbiased and fair representation of events in news stories. In columns and editorials, however, the opinion and voice of the reporter is expressed. These views do not represent Wingspan, Liberty High School or FISD as a whole. Wingspan is under no obligation to seek out views that differ from staff reporters. However, Wingspan will post different views if and when those opinions are submitted.

 Advertising Policy

Any advertisements for businesses (local or otherwise), upcoming events, clubs or activities, etc. are accepted in Wingspan, providing they do not contain vulgar or slanderous language or demeaning messages. Please contact for any further questions concerning advertisement. The staff of Wingspan will design the ad upon request. The staff reserves the right to refuse advertising based on content appropriate for Liberty students.

Byline Policy

  • Articles with more than two contributors will not include a byline and will be credited to Wingspan Staff.
  • All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work and its accuracy.
  • All pictures, graphics, columns, articles, videos, reviews and other original material will the exception of staff editorials will be bylined with the producers name.

Comment Policy

  • Wingspan values the opinion of its readers and encourages them to discuss its content.
  • Comments containing obscene, suggestive, vulgar, profane (including letters followed by dashes or symbols), threatening, disrespectful, or defamatory language will not be published and will be reported to the administration.
  • Attacks on groups or individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed will be rejected.
  • All threats are taken seriously. If we are worried for someone’s safety, the comment and related identifying information will be passed along to relevant authorities and/or the school administration.
  • All comments written from the school network are subject to the school’s Acceptable Use Policies. At the discretion of the staff of Wingspan, comments and related identifying information will be passed onto the school administration.
  • All comments are approved by Wingspan staff. Comments are reviewed as often as possible. This process results in a delay of anywhere from a few hours to a day before a comment is posted.
  • Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else’s name. Wingspan does not allow anonymous comments and requires a valid email address. The email address will not be displayed but will be used to confirm your comments.
  • Wingspan is open to strong opinions and criticism of its work, but Wingspan does not publish comments discussing its policies and practices. Please stay on topic.
  • Likewise, we welcome strong opinions and criticism of our reporters work. However, personal attacks on reporters’ will not be published.
  • If you feel strongly that something was reported poorly, or strongly disagree with an opinion, we encourage you to submit a full article or commentary on the subject: guest columns can be emailed to
  • The views expressed in comments are solely the authors’ and do not reflect the views of Wingspan, Liberty High School, or the Frisco ISD.
  • Once submitted, comments become the property of Wingspan.

Content removal policy

Requests made for removal of content are held to a high standard and must have a legitimate reason beyond a person’s desire to no longer have a specific piece of content on, our YouTube channel, or social media accounts. Examples of valid reasons for removal of content include, but may not be limited to: is the story or content factually false and can this be verified? is the material vulgar? Vague reasons for the removal of content will not be considered. Any request for removal of content will be discussed by Wingspan’s editors and adviser.


Corrections and Errors Policy

Grammatical and factual errors will be corrected in a timely fashion as soon as they are detected. When this is done, Wingspan will indicated that a story has been updated and why it has been. If you find an error, please let the reporter know by commenting on the story or emailing Wingspan at

  • April 11, 2022 – “Tennis bounces regionals” – freshman Hailey Zhang was incorrectly termed as injured.
  • Jan. 27, 2019 – “Winter guard begins competition season” – McKenna Hale was incorrectly identified as McKenna Mendes.
  • Jan. 15, 2019 – “Redhawks take on Raccoons” – freshman Jazzy Owens was incorrectly identified as a sophomore.
  • Nov. 30, 2018 – “Real Talk: FEF scholarship window” –  The FEF scholarship application window is three weeks long, not two as incorrectly stated in this edition of Real Talk.
  • Feb. 1, 2018 – “Brown siblings help set the tone for girls’ soccer team” – This story was updated on Feb. 1 to correct the name of Kassidi and Kallin’s mom. She was incorrectly identified as Shirley. In addition, in the caption for the featured image, the jersey number of the Brown sisters were reversed. 
  • Dec. 12, 2017 – “Politics with Parker” – Duplicated information was removed from one of the photo captions.
  • Dec. 4, 2017 – “Review: Little Women astonishes in debut” – Katie Mark was incorrectly identified as Katie Gray.
  • Oct. 11, 2017 – “Calculating her way of teaching” – the name of Kortney Smith was incorrectly spelled as Kourtney.
  • Sept. 19, 2017 – “Show choir audition results” – the name of Megan Guidry was inadvertently left off the list.
  • March 27, 2017 – “Golf drives to state” – the byline was incorrectly given to Keegan Williams. It was changed to Jordan Klein, the reporter that produced the story. The date of the boys’ tournament was incorrectly given as March 27 and 28 but the correct dates are April 3-4.
  • March 19, 2017 – “From school to home school” was deleted from the Campus Life section due to some concerns regarding the accuracy of information provided to a Wingspan reporter. Unable to factually verify quotes, the decision was made to remove the story.

Editorial Policy

The student staff of Wingspan have the option to choose topics they wish to cover and there is no prior restraint or censorship of the site by school administration. The number of students on staff changes every school year as does the Wingspan editorial leadership. For the 2022-2023 school year the editorial leadership consists of an editor-in-chief, two assistant editor-in-chiefs, three managing editors, and one sports editor. These students assign the majority of content to the staff with input from the adviser as needed. To see this year’s staff, please visit:


Sports Policy

Only UIL state championships are recognized as official state championships. Reference to championships won prior to the UIL creating a championship procedure for a given sport will be classified according to the governing body of the day.

Social Media News Gathering Policy

The use of user-generated content via social media will be held to the standards adopted by the Online News Association in its Social Newsgathering Ethics Code.