• No school Oct. 8 & 11
  • PSAT for sophomores and juniors is Oct. 13
  • The exam payment window for full year and fall AP courses is open and will close Nov. 1.
PALs is hosting a board game drive in which they are taking donations of used and new board games. Students can get up to 2 volunteer hours per board game and they can drop them off at the library or Mr. Barr’s room C138.

PALs hosting board game drive

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter September 27, 2021

Peer Assistance and Leadership is hosting a board game donation drive until Friday with all games donated to local elementary school students. Students can get up to two volunteer hours per board game and they can drop them off at the library or in the...

AP US History students get creative with a month-long geography and migration project.

AP U.S. History students explore geography and migration

Grant Milleson, Staff Reporter September 24, 2021

Preparing students for future careers as well as researching American history, AP U.S. History students are embarking on a month-long project that allows them to present information about different groups in new and creative ways. “The goal is for...

The school will have its first pep rally in history held outside in order to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Taking it outside

Shreya Jagan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2021

As is tradition, the school will be holding a pep rally for the first homecoming game of the season during all fourth period classes Thursday. However, for the first time in pep rally history will be held outside in an attempt to social distance and include...

In an attempt to bring Wingspan beyond the newsroom and let students learn to not be afriad to ask questions, newspaper advisor Brian Higgins organized a dream interview project. Staff members, including junior Emily Thomas, pictured above, got to have an interview with actor Fred Savage.

Wingspan goes beyond the newsroom with dream interview project

Kirthi Gummadi, WTV Executive Producer September 23, 2021

Looking for a way to bring a new energy to the Wingspan newsroom, newspaper advisor Brian Higgins turned to something random. “I was sitting at home and trying to think of things to do for Wingspan that were a little bit different,” Higgins said....

Every year, Best Buddies takes in extra mums to give to Buddies. This year, floral design are taking part in this by donating mums.

Floral design and Frisco SAGE take part in Best Buddies mum donation

Maya Silberman, Staff Reporter September 23, 2021

Best Buddies passed out donated mums and garters on Thursday to Redhawks who receive special education services. “Each year we have a set of mums and garters that we usually have donated,” Best Buddies president and junior Caroline Caruso said....

Campus Connections takes a look at some of the newest staff members on campus.

Campus Connection: volume VIII

Wingspan Staff September 22, 2021

More than twenty new staff members are on campus for the 2021-2022 school year and every day in Campus Connection, Wingspan introduces you to the newest Redhawks.

Mums and Garters make an appearance on campus in honor of homecoming. Floral design classes are holding a mum hospital and potentially fix mums and garters that may have been jostled with during the day.

Floral design holds mum hospital

Cooper Ragle, WTV Executive Producer September 22, 2021

With homecoming week in full gear, students will be wearing their mums and garters to school Thursday. With the pieces being worn all day, there's the possibility of items being jostled or broken. In attempts to combat this problem, the students...


Celebrating Chuseok is changing throughout generations

Rin Ryu, Staff Reporter September 21, 2021

Chuseok (추석) or Hangawi (한가위) is one of the most important holidays of the year for Koreans. The 15th day of the eighth lunar month serves as a time to give thanks for family and their ancestors as well as a successful harvest.  Although...

Also known as the Moon or Mooncake Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival gathers families on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. Pictured above are mooncakes, which are Chinese treats with symbols imprinted on top.

Mid-Autumn Festival brings community, full moons, and mooncakes

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter September 21, 2021

An abundance of family and food is in store starting Tuesday for students celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.  “The Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday that is celebrated in many East Asian countries,” junior Lilya Ma said. “It’s a day to get...

Homecoming this weekend means for school spirit and dress up days.

Homecoming week means for dress up days

Kathryn Murphy, WTV Staff Reporter September 20, 2021

This Monday marks the beginning of this year’s homecoming week and the student council is ready for this year’s dance and spirit week. The theme for this year’s dance is Hollywood, which came as a result of class discussions in the student council. “For...

Using M&MS to explain the concept of chain rule, students such as senior Vanessa Jara found the lesson to be easier to understand using candy.

“I think this makes it a lot easier to remember because M&Ms are a thing that most of us are familiar with,” Jara said. “It helps us visualize a difficult and unknown concept and put it into something we’re familiar and comfortable with.”

Candy helps teach new calculus concept

Rishika Desai, Staff Reporter September 17, 2021

A favorite candy of many, M&M’S were a tool of learning in AB Calculus classes this week as students learned a new concept that wrapped up on Thursday. “It’s representing a different math concept where there's something inside another something,”...

Fridays Redhawk Rant attempts to teach students about finding ones purpose.

Presentation aims to educate on purpose

Shreya Jagan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief September 17, 2021

All students will remain in their second-period class on Friday in order to watch a presentation directed to finding one’s purpose in themselves.  “I think it’s a great way to inspire students to introspect,” senior Tushamma Rahim said. “Especially...

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