Kanz’s Culinary Crusade (no longer updated)

Life as a picky and unadventurous eater can be a challenge. Eating the same food at the same place can get a bit tiresome, so this year, Wingspan’s Kanz Bitar is embarking on a culinary crusade that will test her limits and push her out of her comfort zone.

Krispy Kreme donuts served excessively sugary
Perfect pancake cereal
Tasty cinnamon roll recipe excites
Whipped coffee lives up to the hype
Ninja de Cream blows away with berry roll up
Fried cauliflower elevates healthy snack
Grilled chicken bits fall flat
Sucre Cafe offers creamy concoctions
Starbucks satisfies with Strawberry Frappuccino
Vivi misses on Oreo Crème Brûlée drink
Olive Garden delights at steep price
Chicken McNuggets exceed expectations
Ditching the chicken for the new mac and cheese
Fruity Frappuccino Mix-up
Piada presents flavorful, fast pasta
Sul & Beans gets Bingsoo done right
IHOP’s crepes tastefully push breakfast boundaries
Best Thai’s tea fails to impress
Hyatt Hotel leaves a bad taste
Best Thai lives up to its title
Holiday drinks shine at Starbucks
Impossible Burger defies the odds
Malgudi Garden serves up some spice
Donut Tree serves delicious options
Genghis Grill hits the spot
Açaí bowls don’t match the hype
Starbuck’s perfect pumpkin spice back for fall
Kura Sushi offers plenty of fun, flavorful dishes
Boiling soup at Sharbro Hotspot
Chipotle surprises with tasty bowl
SomiSomi serves up unusual flavors
Turkish Cafe & Lounge fails to impress
Hiccups and Churroholic fails to meet the hype
Bibimbap delights at Burning Rice

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