Kanz Bitar

In this edition of Kanz’s Culinary Crusade, staff reporter Kanz Bitar visits Turkish Cafe & Lounge. Bitar explores Turkish cuisine with a dish called Chicken Beyti.

Turkish Cafe & Lounge fails to impress

When it comes to Middle Eastern food I’m pretty knowledgeable, but there are still things that I have yet to try, and so Turkish Cafe & Lounge was the choice of destination, with Chicken Beyti the menu selection.

The dish is a seasoned ground chicken breast, skewered and wrapped in thin dough, topped with garlic yogurt and tomato butter sauce.

There wasn’t anything really special about it, it was basically just chicken wrapped in bread. The chicken was tender and the bread was soft. However, there was one big negative, and that was the tomato sauce on top. It was so overpowering that it felt like I was eating a slice of pizza. 

Another drawback was the smell of hookah. With it out for everyone to smoke, the smell was strong and uncomfortable for me.

Outside of the hookah smell, Turkish Cafe & Lounge features a nice view and the breezy weather on the visit was a highlight. 

In just the early stages of my culinary crusade, I’ve learned there are positives and negatives to everything. Turkish Cafe & Lounge probably won’t be I go next time, but I do want to try other Turkish food.

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