Kanz Bitar

In this edition of Kanz’s Culinary Crusade, staff reporter Kanz Bitar visits SomiSomi ice-cream shop. To see what the hype is all about, Bitar tries out the popular black sesame flavored ice cream.

SomiSomi serves up unusual flavors

For the past year I’ve been seeing a bunch of people posting pictures on Instagram from SomiSomi, an ice-cream shop that serves ornate fish shaped cones with your choice of filling and ice-cream.

I decided to go there to try the black sesame flavored ice cream because there has been so much hype around it. 

The cone features perfectly swirled black sesame and milk tea ice cream and immediately, I was  excited. It looked absolutely lovely and perfect for Instagram then I took my first spoon-full and disappointment overwhelmed me.

Expecting a little sweetness like one does when they order ice cream, this straight up tasted like black sesame. Bitter and unsweet, it’s not something I will be trying again on my culinary crusade.  

As for the filling, I picked custard which tasted really good with the soft cone. 

One downside to this ice cream shop is the limited amount of ice cream flavors. There weren’t any basic flavors like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. Even though I like the fact that they have unusual flavors, they should also include regular ones too.

While black sesame isn’t a flavor I’m trying again any time soon, I would like to go back to SomiSomi and try the other flavors offered.

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