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provided by Kamarri Askew

Freshman Kamarri Askew performing on stage earlier this year. Theatre 2 will longer put on its rendition of ??????? ????? at Scarborough Fair’s annual Student Day as the event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Kamarri Askew

Grade: 9

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Wingspan: You are involved in two fine arts activities, choir and theatre. Tell us about them. 

Askew: “Choir has been an elective that I have been doing for four years. It has taught me so much about singing, learning to listen to my peers, a key skill in singing, and overall has provided me with a family. I’m in theater two which is a class of the performing arts. In this class we dive deep into the michael chekhov technique, in order to make us better actors, learn more monologues and perform them, and do trusting activities to make us all connect and bond with each other. Stage chemistry is key and in this class  practice making every scene a story.”

Wingspan: How do you get involved in them?

Askew: “A way to get involved in choir is to enroll in the class, sign up to perform at pep rallies, and go out for things like all state! Ways to get involved in heater is to come to improv every Tuesday and Thursday morning, audition for Matilda, and come see and support our shows.”

Wingspan: Does it take a lot of time out of your day? If so, how much ?

Askew: “Choir takes as much time as you are willing to give it. If you seriously want to pursue singing, you can devote all your time to it. If you don’t, you do not have to. That’s what I love about it. Everything is at your own pace, and you can choose what you want to do. Theater is a little more time consuming, but we do have after school rehearsals until 7 about three times every week. Practicing does take time as well, but to succeed at something practice is necessary. Plus you have so much fun you won’t even realize your practicing!”

Wingspan: Do you sometimes think that doing two fine arts things, can be overwhelming at times?

Askew: “Being in choir and theatre personally I do not find being in both electives at the same time overwhelming because theatre and choir are just both two places that you don’t even feel like work, like you go to the class and an hour and 30 minutes go by and you’ve learned so much but it’s all the things that you want to learn, it’s all the things that you love doing and doing it in that amount of time, it just flies by. And each day you’re learning something new and you rarely ever do the same thing twice and you can always keep improving and keep growing and keep learning new things.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite part of being in choir and theatre?  

Askew: “My favorite part about being in choir and theatre is just being able to better myself in each of the fields, they’re both so different yet so similar. It’s great being in both classes at the same time and I really love the people and the bonds and families that you create within the groups because that does not happen in every elective, and were such a close group of people you really get to know everyone and have the best time.” 

Wingspan: How has choir been beneficial to being in theaters?

Askew: “Well for me, myself, I am interested in a part of theatre called musical theatre and it’s very straightforward, because it has the word music in it and being in choir helps me incorporate singing with acting and both are kinda hard so being both classes makes it easier to pursue my dreams and what I want to do when I get older.”

Wingspan: What does choir and theatre mean to you ? 

Askew: “I feel like both choir and theatre are just safe spaces where you can come and get out of your shell and be yourself you and no one will judge you because everyone  is there to learn and grow from each other. So I feel like both electives are great experiences as a whole and they can help you a lot in life with social skills and how to talk to people and interact.”

Wingspan: What advice would you give an incoming freshman next year who wanted to either take choir or theatre ? 

Askew:  “Some advice I would give incoming freshman next year is to not be scared of upperclassmen for they are there to help  you, they love the same things that you do so you have something in common and they are not as scary as they look.”            

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