Kanz Bitar

Açaí bowls from Nekter Juice Bars have been growing in popularity. Wingspan’s Kanz Bitar gives her thoughts on the healthy treat.

Açaí bowls don’t match the hype

For a while now I’ve been wanting to try an açaí bowl which is basically a smoothie served in a bowl. So I finally went to Nekter Juice Bar to try their popular bowls.

An Açaí Berry Banana was my choice of bowl, it’s filled with a lot of flavors I love, like blueberry, banana and strawberry. I was super excited to order this and finally try it, but then I had my first bite and I thought it tastes exactly like the berry smoothie I always make. 

I was thinking maybe with the bananas and açaí that it would have an interesting flavor but no, it just tasted like berries. This isn’t bad, more of a let down since it was pricey and I had high expectations. 

With cooler weather moving in, I don’t think I’ll be going back, but whenever it starts to get hotter I’m gonna go back and try a different flavor that hopefully will excite me.

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