Provided by Hanl Brown

Hanl Brown

Hanl Brown

Future Job: Psychologist

Years Doing Digital Art: 3

Future College: Undecided

Wingspan: When did you get into drawing, and digital art?

Brown: “I started off with a lot more traditional art but I started focusing more on my art (digital) around 8th grade, because I was having trouble and it helped me focus. Last year I took animation and it got me into digital art because I’ve always wanted to make movies, so I played around with it, and got a tablet so I could work on digital art at home.”

Wingspan: What type of classes have you taken?

Brown: “I’m in the animation program over at the CTE Center and I’m in the theater program, but I’m not in the fine arts program this year. Hopefully, I can convince the teachers to let me skip art 1 and 2, and do AP, but I’m just going through the motions right now.”

Wingspan: What inspired you to start drawing?

Brown: “I first used drawing as a way to relax with stress and some problems I was going through in about 6th grade, and I love movies so I would just copy characters down and that’s how I learned to get better mostly. As much of a bad habit that it is, I also zone out in class, and the random thoughts I would have were great inspirations for things to draw.”

Wingspan: How do you feel when you draw?

Brown: “I kinda zone out everything else, but I still put on background noise and just relax.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for people who want to get started in digital art?

Brown: “I think that it’s helpful to look at other art to see what their techniques are and translate them to your style. Also, just practicing with different programs. I use photoshop but there are tons of good ones.”

Wingspan: What equipment do you use?

Brown: “I have a Huion h610pro(8192) for the specific model and a laptop that’s been dropped way too many times, and I use Adobe Photoshop but at school I usually use Auto Desk Sketchbook.”

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