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Senior Megan Weidenbach is an artist and wrestler on campus. She plans to further her education at the University of Oklahoma.

Megan Weidenbach

Wingspan: What got you interested in art? 

Weidenbach:  “I really liked the idea of expressing thoughts and emotions without words. Color and line are some of the easiest ways for me to communicate feelings.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite medium? Why ?

Weidebach: “My favorite medium is probably pen and ink. It’s really easy to get the super intricate details and you can make some really unique patterns and textures with it that you wouldn’t be able to execute with other mediums.” 

Wingspan: How has it benefited your life overall ? 

Weidenbach: “There’s always something new you can learn about art, and the world of art is so historic and expansive that you can dive so deep into it and never run out of lessons to take from it. It’s been a way for me to put my energy into something and always be able to learn and grow from the experience, regardless of the outcome.”

Wingspan: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced ? 

Weidenbach: “The biggest challenges I’ve faced are probably taking on super big projects and getting way in over my head. I started a clay piece this year that was super complicated and just refused to stay together. I think I put it back together maybe six or seven times, and I definitely cried because it was so frustrating.”

Wingspan: What are your goals with art ? 

Weidenbach: “My goal for my art is to continue it throughout my life and to grow with it as I have been. I’m not going to school for it, but it’s still a huge part of my life that I want to see where it takes me.”

Wingspan: Do you have future plans with art ? 

Weidenbach: “I would love to have my own studio or space someday where I can create freely on my own time without any restrictions!”

Wingspan: What would you say to beginning artists?

Wiedenbach: “If I had to give some advice to anyone starting out, I would tell them to never be discouraged if their work doesn’t turn out exactly how they pictured it at first. Going through some of my old sketchbooks from when I first started honestly made me cringe, and that’s totally okay! Each piece is just reps in building your skills and before you know it you’ll be able convey things exactly how you imagine them. It just takes time!”

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