Kanz Bitar

In this week’s culinary crusade, Kanz Bitar tackled cereal pancakes she discovered on TikTok.

Perfect pancake cereal

Like many people, the last few months I’ve become somewhat obsessed with watching TikToks and because of that I’ve been trying a lot of the trending foods. This week I decided to try the pancake cereal bowl.

Basically it’s just mini pancakes in a bowl with milk but I thought it would be gross so I didn’t add the milk. I made my mini pancakes, put it all in a bowl and topped it with a bunch of syrup. 

Other than the fact that it looks good, it tasted amazing. I mean it is just pancakes with syrup, so anyone who enjoys them regularly will surely enjoy them this way too. It was mostly a lot of fun to make and I’m sure I’m gonna be making it more. Maybe next time I’ll actually try it with milk.

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