Brianna Lloyd

Growing up dancing, sophomore Brianna Lloyd now chooses to be behind the scenes as a Red Rhythm manager.

Brianna Lloyd

Grade: 10

Future College: University of Vermont or Manhattan College

Future Career: anesthesiologist or psychiatrist

Wingspan: How long have you been dancing?

Brianna: “Well I’ve always been a creative person, so I grew up dancing like jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, but when I got to high school I decided I’d rather be in charge than dance. That’s why I joined Red Rhythm.”

Wingspan: How is drill team different from the dance class you took last school year?

Brianna: “Red Rhythm is so much more commitment than Dance I. Dance is just a class that helps you get better at what you do, an elective. Red Rhythm is a team, they quickly become like your family. We spend so much time together (safely) working on more than just dancing.”

Wingspan: What are your responsibilities as a manager for the team?

Brianna: “So far we are just separating costume pieces and things the dancers need during a pep rally or performance, but the managers take care of paperwork and most of the behind the scenes as well.”

Wingspan: What are you looking forward to the most this year for the drill team?

Brianna: “The thing I’m looking forward to the most is probably football season. I hear it can be kind of hectic, but it looks like a lot of fun.”

Wingspan: Are you performing at the football games?

Brianna: “No, the managers don’t perform, we just help prepare for the football games.”

Wingspan: What made you choose to join the drill team?

Brianna: “Well, last year during dance two managers came in to talk to us about Red Rhythm. I wanted to continue being a part of dance but not necessarily the class. So I applied to become a manager around springtime of this year.”

Wingspan: Is being a part of the dance community something you plan on continuing throughout high school?

Brianna: “Most likely yes, because it can be such a fun and loving environment.”

Wingspan: How do you think dance has allowed you to express your creativity?

Brianna: “In so many ways, dancing just lets me be myself. A lot of the time it’s hard to do that so it’s like an outlet.”

Wingspan: What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Brianna: “Getting up early, Tuesday and Wednesday practices start at 6:30 meaning I normally get up around 5:30 ish. But then I have to come home and actually get ready for school.”

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