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Michael Martin

It can be expected that a mask and social distance will be a part of this Halloween. Unfortunately that means no extravagant costume parties or trick or treaters, as going door to door to different people makes it extremely easy for the virus to pass from person to person.

How COVID-19 will change this spooky season

Your Halloween costume likely not the only mask you wear

Spooky season is quickly approaching, and for some it’s already here. The leaves are starting to  change, and it’s getting colder out by the day. The Spirit Halloween store is up and running for its seasonal sale of costumes and freaky decorations, and the seasonal debates on whether or not candy corn is good, are back. With October 31 a month and a half away, it warrants the question of how exactly will Halloween work this year.

Obviously, things will be a little different. However, at this point we’re used to it; much of this year has been out of the ordinary. It’s likely that the same precautions like wearing a mask, and social distancing will continue. 

Unfortunately that means no extravagant Halloween or costume parties without risk. It also means less trick or treaters, and less people handing out candy at their doorstep. Going door to door to different people, or interacting with multiple groups one after the other, makes it extremely easy for the virus to pass from person to person. 

While some of the traditional stuff may be risky, there are plenty of things that can still create an amazing spooky season. Pumpkin patches, for example, are a fun fall favorite that creates an alternative for the traditional stuff. While they’re quite common every year, pandemic or not, I recommend making the extra effort to go this year. It’s a fun experience, and there’s an opportunity to take some cute photos. 

If you’re looking for something spookier, simply binge watching a freaky show, or watching a series of scary movies is fun as well if you like the adrenaline and enjoy fear. Again, these may be things that are normally done every year, but this year with the current circumstances, we can make them special. We can put more emphasis on these activities, and the bonds that can form through them.

So, while things like partying and trick or treating may not be as prevalent this time around, we can focus on the spooky, autumn related activities that are not only safer during this pandemic, but can also bring us closer together (maybe not physically). Overall, COVID-19 can cause this spook season to be a bit more wholesome, and definitely more memorable.

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