In the third part of his series on the New World, staff reporter Aden McClune discusses the existence of super-states.

New World Order pt. III

Since the dawn of the first empires in Rome, to Hitler and Stalin, there have always been a select few who lusted for control over people, and the world. 

Why? How are these people created, how do they think, and how are they ultimately defeated, or at least stopped from world domination? To answer these questions effectively, I’m going to split up these entries about the Bilderbergs and the “New World Order” into several different entries. 

To start, what do you think would be the first step to forming a one-world government? How about the creation of three super-states? You’ve already got one! While not technically a “state”, the European Union started as a way to preserve peace and facilitate trade among European nations, the origin story may be much more sinister. 

David Icke (Fine, I know he’s the “lizard people” guy, but it was probably just a metaphor, he’s right about a lot of stuff) as well as Alex Jones in his 2007 documentary Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement (just finished, very good) claims that the European Union’s end goal is a unified Europe under one flag, and one government.

Another of these three super-states would be the North American Union, consisting of a merger between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Some claims that president Bush and other North American leaders signed a pact to merge their countries by 2010, was debunked. However, some media outlets still clamor for a NAU, with several articles being published within the last few years supporting one.

In the next entry, I’ll try to discuss the origins of the so-called global elite, as well as other future plans they might have.

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