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On Wednesday, the first United States case of the Omicron variant was reported in California. Since then, states, such as Minnesota, Colorado, New York, and Hawaii, have announced several confirmed cases of the new mutated strain.

United States is close to 10 million COVID-19 cases

As of Sunday, the United States has a total of 9,472,858 confirmed COVID cases. That’s 527,142 away from 10 million. California is currently leading with the most cases at 935,494, and Texas is a close second at 933,117. With 2 months left in 2020, it’s quite possible that the U.S. will hit 10 million cases, and maintain their lead in COVID cases. 

There are various factors as to why it’s possible for the U.S. to hit 10 million cases. For starters, numerous states have opened back up, larger gatherings are being held, and people are starting to be a bit more reckless when it comes to COVID. It appears as if most are getting tired of the pandemic, and are resuming their normal lives instead of continuing to try and stop it. However, things probably won’t be normal for a while. 

Normal is a term that’s up for interpretation. Its meaning depends on the person using it. In terms of the pandemic, normal may mean financial security and good health for some, while at the same time meaning large gatherings and activities for others. The easiest version of normal to replicate for most at this time is large gatherings and activities. Those things can make people forget the current state of the world, and that’s kind of a bad thing. Ignoring problems only causes more problems to arise, evidently seen in how creating the feeling of normality by large gatherings is causing COVID cases to rise.

People miss normal, and because of that it’s causing us to get further from it. The U.S. approaching 10 million cases is an extremely scary thing. It shows how reckless we are during  this pandemic, and it’s pushing us farther away from the one thing we all unanimously want to have.

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