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Christmas during COVID-19

With the holiday season finally here, many are eager to make plans and celebrate this festive time. In a normal year, most would travel, get together with family and friends, or go around spreading holiday cheer. However, it’s not a normal year, and we can’t put a pause on COVID for Christmas, and other holidays around this time.

To throw CDC guidelines out the window just to celebrate Christmas and New Years like we have in the past, is extremely arrogant and inconsiderate. Other significant religious holidays, such as Diwali and Ramadan, have had to deal with limitations to celebrate their holidays to keep others safe. We need to continue that trend and not risk the lives of others just for a holiday that will come again next year.

While it’s sad to have to move plans around or not do things like years past, it’s still possible to have a joyous holiday season. For instance, instead of handing out holiday cookies to neighbors, give them the recipe instead. Instead of pushing through busy malls looking for presents, sit down with a cup of apple cider and order them off amazon. There are so many safer alternatives to your favorite holiday traditions that can keep both you and your community safe. 

The holiday season is about spreading happiness and joy to others above all things. So, with it finally here, take into account those around you. Help ensure that everyone can have a safe, and festive time. 

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