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The CDC has implemented new guidelines for self-isolation after a positive COVID019 test. In her weekly blog, VIral Thoughts, staff reporter Haille Hughes shares her thoughts.

New CDC guidlines

The CDC has released new guidelines regarding those who test negative, and/or have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19

While the standard originally was for everyone to self-quarantine for 14 days no matter if they had it, or if they were exposed, that has recently changed. Now it’s suggested that one who tests negative and shows no symptoms, only needs to self-quarantine for seven to ten days.

This was implemented in hopes that people would take social isolation more seriously with it being shorter. They also hope that this will mean that more people will help with contact tracing and helping to inform those they’ve been in contact with.

While the recommended number of days for self-isolation had dropped for those who are negative and asymptomatic, that doesn’t mean that the pandemic should be taken less seriously. While things are hard now, they’ll be better if we take the proper precautions.  Social distance still needs to be maintained, and masks still need to be worn. 

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