"Chemtrails" by Andrea Ursini Casalena is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This week staff reporter Aden McClune writes about chemtrails.


Most everyone has seen a plane fly before, right? And most people have seen the harmless contrails of ice falling from the edge of wings, due to the humid jet exhaust when it encounters the cold atmosphere. But what if I told you that these so-called ice crystals are actually potentially dangerous chemicals, which are being flown twenty-four hours, seven days a week over your heads? You’d be skeptical, and rightfully so.

The mainstream chemtrail movement began in the mid 1990s in which a U.S Department of Defense document was released in which it describes that weather modification is possible and planes could be used.

Some alledge that these contrails/chemtrails (some call it geoengineering), are being used by primarily the U.S government, and other governments colluding with the U.S in order to make crops fail to adjust the economy, and even cause illnesses so large drug companies can cash in.

Mainstream evidence is difficult to find of the theory, but it persists. In 2016, 30-40 percent of people are estimated to believe in chemtrails. Do you?

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