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Mady Daddario

More than 90 percent of Americans say they celebrate Christmas according the a Pew Research Center Survey with 81 percent of non-Christians also saying they celebrate the day.

COVID-19 numbers rise after break

With the holiday season having wrapped up, COVID unfortunately is doing the opposite. With a sudden spike in cases on Jan. 3, 291,630 new cases were recorded that day in the U.S, compared to the typical 140,000-240,000 cases that are recorded normally. 

The sudden spike in cases isn’t so sudden if one thinks about the fact that it was right after Christmas and New Year’s Eve; two very popular holidays involving getting together with friends and family. The well-being of thousands was sacrificed for a couple of days that occur every year. With everything 2020 has brought, it makes sense to leave the year with a bang and not care, however in doing so one risks the lives of so many people, and the possibilities 2021 could bring. 

2021 is already off to a rough start, and the tremendous amount of new cases brought by recklessness during the holidays adds to that. One can only hope that as the year progresses, things will get better. That can only be achieved if everyone continues to follow CDC guidelines and wear their masks despite things seeming “better”. 2021 holds numerous possibilities, and we’re in control of the outcome. 

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