"'Endless Road', United States, Nevada, Extra Terrestrial Highway (Area 51)" by WanderingtheWorld ( is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Nevada State Route 375, or the Extraterrestrial Highway, stretches across south-central Nevada and is near Area 51, also home to many suspected extraterrestrial activity.

Area 51

Area 51. Not publicly acknowledged by the US military until 2013, this base in the southwestern United States has been victim for conspiracy theories, some baseless, with some even instigating the famed 2019 ¨raid¨  on the base. What is really housed in this base? 

Constructed in 1955, it was used (officially) during the Cold War for stealth plane research to get an edge on the Russians, hence the top-secret nature. Now, the Air Force uses it for testing and test flights for new technology.

However, it’s skepticism over its true purpose is not without some merit. It took 8 years for the FBI to fully declassify the documents relating to the base, from a Freedom Of Information Act request in 2005. Nicknamed “The Ranch”, it even has its own government-owned commercial jetliners for transport. 

However, I could just be a CIA sleeper agent, and be completely misleading you.

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