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The Superbowl took place this past weekend, posing questions as to the safety of having 25,000 fans in-person. Staff reporter Hailie Hughes discusses the potential affects this event could have on the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and the Superbowl

Tom Brady led the Buccaneers to victory in the Super Bowl on Sunday, beating the Chiefs 31-9. This was Bradey’s seventh Super Bowl win, and many were there to witness it; about 25,000 to be exact. While 25,000 is better than 200,000, it was still risky. 

Of the 25,000 who attended, 7,500 were fully vaccinated, healthcare workers. The rest had no vaccination or test requirement. Despite 25,000 people being spread out in a 65,890 person stadium, the excessive shouting and cheering and activity amongst said people can cause COVID to spread even easier and farther. This poses risk for the fans who were present and not vaccinated and can worsen the pandemic. Those who traveled for the game have the possibility of catching it and bringing it back home, raising their own state numbers along with Floridas.

While precautions were made, it was still very risky for those who attended. In a pandemic that’s so close to ending, large gatherings and such can prolong it. Hence why we need to continue to be safe and follow CDC Guidelines.

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