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Several female owned companies are helping to revolutionize the vegan industry but fly under the radar, or aren’t known by the general, non-vegan, public.

Women owned vegan brands

March is Women’s History Month, and the backbone of the celebration is to emphasize the contributions women have made, and continue to make in history. Although society continues taking steps in the right direction, women owned businesses deserve more recognition than they have been receiving. Many of these companies happen to be revolutionizing the vegan industry, and have rightfully earned the spotlight. Several brands fly under the radar, or aren’t known by the general, non-vegan, public. Most of which don’t get the acknowledgement of being women-ran. A few of the biggest vegan entrepreneuring corporations are female founded and their appreciation is needed.

First on the list is plant-based cheese powerhouse, Miyoko’s Creamery. They have replaced the products made from dairy, with a plant-milk enterprise. Products varying from cream cheese to smoked mozzarella alternatives, have cracked the code to resembling authentic dairy products. Miyoko Schinner founded the company and continues to change the game for the animal-future of dairy. 

Another product to add to your shopping cart, and possibly could see in your local coffee shop soon, is almond, coconut, and oat milk creamer brand, Nutpods. Climbing to the number one spot of dairy-free creamers on Amazon, Madeline Hayden produces 13 different flavors perfect to add to any tea or coffee. 

The protein bar company, GoMacro, was started by a mother-daughter duo. Amelia Kirchoff and Jola Sonkin started the successful brand in their own kitchen during Amelia’s battle with cancer. Like most other vegan brands, these women are passionate about the quality of their ingredients. 

There are a multitude of smaller vegan brands to support in advocacy for women’s empowerment and help stay afloat during the pandemic. This strong list of ideas spreads from brands that make cookies to brands formulating plant-powered protein drinks. Promoting strong and powerful women that are leading businesses is just one way to show encouragement towards the women’s rights movement.

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