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Flying into or out of Denver International Airport could be a launching point for certain conspiracy theories. But are any of them real? That’s for you to decide.

Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport has been the subject of intense scrutiny and conspiracy theories since it’s construction in 1995, and for good reason. Being $2 billion over budget, and having some interestingly shaped runways, it is certainly an interesting complex. During the airport’s history, it has been accused of: being a safe haven for neo-Nazis, being constructed by Freemasons, having secret bunkers and tunnels underneath the building, being a symbol of the end times, and being home to aliens. 

Luckily, the airport has decided to embrace it’s curse, and has seen it as a blessing. The use of mass-marketing campaigns for the airport, including a “conspiracy night”, encouraging costumes and a showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

However, some allegations the airport deems too outlandish, or offensive to respond to. The accusation that the airport was constructed by Neo-Nazi’s, with “proof” as seemingly swastika-shaped runways. This was dismissed by a representative, saying “Some things are worth debunking, others aren’t.”

Having been to Denver International Airport on a layover, I can confirm it is the strangest airport I’ve ever been to, but has charm. Whether that charm is good or bad, is up to the visitor.

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