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Alyssa Murphy

If and when COVID-19 is no longer a thing, Wingspan’s Haille Hughes hopes that masks such as that being worn by freshman Ashton Hatch become part of a new normal.

Life after COVID

COVID has changed our lives drastically over the past year, and with things hopefully going back to normal soon, what’s life going to look like? What will normal be, and how do we go about determining what is normal? 

At this point in the pandemic, most are used to COVID and the precautions it brings. We social distance, wear masks, and the fact that there’s a global pandemic is just common knowledge that no one really freaks out over. When things are back to how they were a little over a year ago, how is that going to go? My hope is that masks will become either a simple fashion statement, or just a common courtesy, to prevent spreading the flu or the cold. Numbrous places in Asia have already been using and wearing masks to prevent the spread of sickness before COVID ever happened. The only struggle with adopting said idea is that many people have different views and opinions on masks, and once they’re not required, it’s highly unlikely that some will ever wear them again. 

By the time the pandemic is officially over, I think our new normal will be a fusion of the old normal, and what we currently consider normal. Ideas and beliefs will merge, and hopefully we’ll have an outcome that everyone is safe and happy with.

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